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Advantages of Titanium Anode
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(1) It can overcome the dissolution of graphite anode and lead anode and avoid the pollution of electrolyte and cathode products, thus improving the purity of metal products.
(2) Titanium anode has a long working life. In the chlor-alkali production industry by diaphragm process, metal anode is resistant to corrosion of chlorine and alkali. The service life of the anode has reached more than 6 years, while that of graphite anode is only 8 months.
(3) The short-circuit problem after the deformation of the lead anode can be avoided, thus the current efficiency can be improved.
(4) The current density can be increased. In the production of chlor-alkali by diaphragm process, the working current density of graphite anode is 8A/dm2, and the titanium anode can be doubled to 17A/dm2. Under the same conditions in electrolytic plant and electrolytic cell, the output can be doubled, the production capacity of single cell can be increased, and the production efficiency can be effectively improved. Titanium anode is suitable for electrolysis at high current density.
(5) Because of the use of metal anode, it is possible to operate chlorate electrolyzer at high temperature and high current density. The use of metal anode improves the structure of electrolyzer, reduces power consumption, speeds up the chemical reaction of hypochlorite gas chlorate, and improves production performance.
(6) DSA was used to improve the design concept and operation conditions of salt electrolysis cells by mercury method and diaphragm method, and the energy consumption was reduced. The low overpotential characteristic of DSA and the easy removal of surface and bubble between electrodes are the important reasons for the reduction of voltage in metal anode electrolyzer.
Titanium anode has many advantages, and its development has made chlor-alkali industry obtain great economic benefits, so it will be widely used all over the world soon. 氯碱生产能力,全世界约4100万吨/年,采用钛阳极不小于70%,钛阳极被誉为氯碱工业一项重大技术革命。 Subsequently, titanium anodes have also been widely used in many electrolytic industries.
(7) The size of the anode is stable, and the distance between the electrodes is unchanged during the electrolysis process, so that the electrolysis operation can be carried out under the condition of stable cell voltage.
(8) The switch is easy to make and can be highly accurate.
(9) Titanium anode has light weight and can reduce labor intensity.
(10) Titanium matrix metal can be used repeatedly.
(11) It has strong corrosion resistance and can work in many electrolytic media with strong corrosion and special requirements.
(12) The working voltage is low, so the power consumption is small, and the power consumption can be saved. The DC power consumption can be reduced by 10%-20%.
The main reasons for the low working voltage of titanium anode are as follows: 1) The overpotential of chlorine and oxygen of active coated titanium anode is relatively low. When chlor-alkali is produced by salt water electrolysis, the overpotential of titanium anode to chlorine is low, 140 mV lower than that of graphite anode at 1A/cm2; 2) the \\\"bubble shielding effect\\\" can be reduced; the bubbles generated on the surface of metal anode are relatively small and detach rapidly, so the gas filling degree between electrodes is greatly reduced, the ohmic drop between electrodes is about 700 mV, and the diameter of bubbles is about 3 mm; 4) the resistance of anode structure is reduced; Leave.
In the 1960s, the world\\\'s salt electrolysis industry consumed about 150 billion degrees of electricity annually. With the use of metal anodes, it saved about 300 million degrees of electricity annually.
(13) With the emergence of metal anodes, the latest ion-exchange membrane electrolysis technology emerged recently in chlor-alkali industry has been designed and industrialized.
(14) In chlor-alkali production, after using titanium anode, the product quality is high, the purity of chlorine gas is high, the concentration of alkali is high, and the steam for heating can be saved, and the energy consumption can be saved.

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