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Titanium anode is the anode in Ti-based metal oxide coating. According to the different catalytic coatings on the surface, they have the functions of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution respectively. General electrode materials should have good conductivity, small polar distance change, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processing performance, long life, low cost, and good electrocatalytic performance for electrode reaction. Titanium is the most suitable metal to meet the above comprehensive requirements. Industrial pure titanium TA1TA2 is generally used.
The metal oxide coating on titanium anode has the following functions: low resistivity, good conductivity (titanium itself has poor conductivity), stable chemical composition, stable crystal structure, stable electrode size, good corrosion resistance, long life, good electrocatalytic performance, which is conducive to reducing overpotential of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction and saving electric energy.

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