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Matters needing attention in selecting titanium equipment
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Titanium equipment is a kind of equipment which uses magnetic separation technology to purify and recover titanium. Titanium equipment has the advantages of simple operation, high recovery rate, energy saving and environmental protection.
Titanium is a chemical element and a silver-white transition metal. It is characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster and good corrosion resistance. Titanium is considered a rare metal because it is dispersed and difficult to extract in nature, but its relative abundance ranks tenth among all elements. Because titanium is not easy to extract, we should be more careful when selecting titanium, and we also need to work hard on the requirements of titanium selection equipment. Here, a brief introduction for you.
Titanium beneficiation method is based on its ore body structure. The ore body structure in different mining areas is different. Secondly, the difference between ilmenite, paragenetic ore and gangue is analyzed. Then, the single crystal crystalline grain size of ilmenite is analyzed, that is to say, how many grains of iron can be separated. The specific mineral processing methods are as follows:
1. The industrial experiments of the new technological process of screening and classification of titanium concentrate, Electro-Separation of coarse grains and flotation of fine grains have achieved the target of 47.65% grade of titanium concentrate and 78.34% recovery rate of concentrating operation.
2. The key technology of classifying and concentrating titanium concentrate is screening and separating coarse and fine grade and recovering fine grade.
3. Titanium flotation reagent modified tar oil has a wide range of sources, strong ability to collect titanium, can be prepared regularly and flotation at room temperature. It is an effective titanium collector.
4. Recovery of ferrotitanium from tailings by gravity separation, high intensity magnetic separation, flotation and electro-separation.
5. According to multi-element analysis of raw ore, simplified processes such as single gravity separation and single high-intensity magnetic separation can also be used for separating titanium concentrate from tailings.

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