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Notices for Medical Titanium Bar
author:Admin    Release date:10/08     Frequency of attention:1322    
(1) The chemical composition of the product is in conformity with the requirements of GB/T3620.1. The H content in pure titanium, TC4 and TC4ELI should be no more than 0.010%. The allowable deviation of chemical composition should conform to GB/T3620.2 when the requiring side is re-examined.
(2) Shape size and allowable deviation product size should be measured with corresponding precision measuring instruments, and positive and negative tolerances should be guaranteed according to customer requirements.
(3) The high and low magnification tissue test was carried out according to GB/T5168. Medical titanium rods, medical titanium alloy rods are not allowed to have cracks, stomata, metal or non-metallic inclusions and other visual defects at transverse low magnification. The transverse microstructures of pure titanium rods in annealing state should be uniform and the grain size should not be less than 5 grades. The annealed high power structure of medical titanium alloy rod should conform to A1~A9.

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