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Characteristics of Titanium Tube
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1. Wall Thickness of Titanium Tube
The wall thickness of heat-conducting pipe is determined by using conditions, material of tube sheet, construction ability of expanding operation and welding technology of pipe end. Because the diameter of heat-conducting pipe is small and the strength requirement is not high, thin-walled pipe is adopted in practical use. Generally, copper-alloy pipe is 0.9mm-1.2mm in equal wall thickness; Titanium pipe is used instead of titanium pipe, and its corrosiveness is small. Where possible, thin-walled welded pipes with a wall thickness of 0.3 mm can be used.
2. Thermal Conductivity of Titanium Tubes
Because of the different materials of heat conducting tubes, the thermal conductivity is different, such as titanium is 17W/(m.k), aluminium brass is lOW/(m.k), 70/30 white copper is 29W/(m.k), so the thermal conductivity of heat conducting tubes can be controlled by the change of wall thickness. In the above materials, the thermal conductivity of titanium is the smallest. For example, the thermal conductivity of thin-walled titanium welded pipe is worse than that of aluminium brass, but it is equal to that of 90/10 white copper and better than that of 70/30 white copper.
3. Economy of Titanium Tube
The unit mass price of titanium tube is 2-6 times higher than that of copper alloy, but considering the cost performance, the price of titanium tube can compete with that of copper alloy tube. Because of the low density of titanium and the same wall thickness, the quality of titanium tube with the same length is only 50% of that of copper alloy tube. When the wall thickness of titanium tube is 50% of that of copper alloy tube, the quality of titanium tube with the same heat transfer area is only 50%. For 1/4 of copper alloy pipe, according to the current price level, the overall price of thin-walled titanium welded pipe is the same as that of aluminium-copper pipe, which is cheaper than that of white copper pipe. It can be seen that titanium tubes are competitive in price.

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