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  Baoji Zhongkaixing Metal Material Co., Ltd. is a modern private enterprise which integrates production, processing, sales, trade and R&D of non-ferrous metal materials. The company is located in Shaanxi Province, the hometown of bronze ware and the birthplace of Zhou and Qin civilization. Baoji, Baoji, is the \"capital\" and \"Titanium City\" of China\'s non-ferrous metals.
  The company relies on the strong comprehensive strength of Baoti Group Co., Ltd. and Baoti Stock and Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute to share resources efficiently. It has unique geographical, material and scientific research advantages and provides users with high-quality products. The company has a group of excellent and responsible salesmen and a high-level and high-quality technical team, which can timely respond to your company\'s routine or scientific research. Special business requirements provide quality and durable products.
  The company mainly engaged in titanium rod, titanium plate, titanium tube, titanium alloy material, titanium alloy plate, titanium alloy rod, titanium alloy tube, TC4 titanium alloy processing parts, titanium processing parts, titanium flange, titanium pipe, titanium coil, titanium heat exchanger, titanium reactor, titanium fan, titanium basket, titanium barrel, titanium tank, and other small and medium-sized titanium equipment. Titanium non-standard chemical equipment and insoluble metal tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, electronics, medical treatment, chemical industry, petroleum, military and other fields.
  The company has always adhered to the operating principle of Our company warmly welcomes customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common development.
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